Tales of Shore Blossom

A Crumpled Letter

A crumpled ball of parchment lays on the edge of the fountain in the center of market square. Upon inspection it is a letter. Unsealed. Unsent. Forgotten.

It reads:

"Dear Mum,

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write. The past few months have gone by so quickly. I am so sorry I missed Tomb-Sweeping Day. I miss my brother in every waking moment and I know you and father do too.

I have settled in a quiet but beautiful port town. You will be proud to know that I have found employment at a small clothier here. While being a shop girl may not be that exciting it is a safe profession like you always wanted for me. You will be sure to tell father of my employment as I know he is worried I will follow in Orryn’s footsteps. The only adventures I go on are trips to the market in the evenings to spend time with a handsome young gentleman (a halfling of course) who has been courting me proper like. Flowers and all.

Please send my regrets again to Gerrik for canceling the wedding but you know full well, we were not meant for each other. I have faith he will find someone that makes him as happy as my gentleman makes me. I promise to write more now that I am settled.

Your Loving Daughter,

Odiri Reed Olividae

PS – Please don’t try to trace this letter. You can’t."



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