Tales of Shore Blossom

Catch a tiger by the toe...tie him up, and beat him bloody

A Torture and Tea Party

"Lady's grace, you awake?" Frivolity asks prodding the prisoner with his stave. "I brought you some tea, two cups, and a little grub. I was hoping we could wigwag our lips a tad."

The weretiger prisoner says "Gnnah, blaw, gaw," through his gag.

"Oi. Let me help you with that rag," Frivolity says pulling the gag out of the weretigers mouth, "Now do you take milk in your tea?"

"Yes," the prisoner says.

"Now where was I? Hmm one lump or two?" Frivolity says quietly almost to himself, lifting a bottle to the tea cup.

"One," the prisoner says.

Frivolity shakes out a lump of curdled goat milk into the tea cup, saying "You certainly are a man of few words," the tiefling observes, "Sugar?"

"Ugh, what is that smell?!" the prisoner exclaims.

"Oh that is better, just my tea," the tiefling says, "NOW TO PREPARE YOURS!," he shouts pouring a stream of white powder into the cup of steaming water, "Careful its hot, and not all of us are demonkin. I wouldn't want to see you scald yourself."

"I'm tied up," the weretiger says unsettled by this behavior.

"Yes, I'm afraid you will have to remain so, regrettable," the tiefling says lifting the cup of sweet tea to the lips of the prisoner "Please drink. I'm terribly sorry about what will come next."

"Right," the prisoner says sardonically, steeling himself for torture, "Gah. its hot," he says as Ramshackle pours some boiling hot tea onto the weretigers face. 

Ramshackle produces a case, and opens it to show the bound prisoner a light hammer, a mallet, and a meat tenderizer, "You must understand that I do not wish to scrub you. But you won't speak the dark of Blood Spattered Snow Tiger so it comes to this. I have taken an oath and sworn a sacred pact in blood."

"You'll never get me to talk!"

Ramshackle lifts the meat tenderizer, "Perhaps," he says as he swings the metal head at the prisoners face. THWACK! The weretiger immediately begins to regenerate. THWACK! the tenderizer rebounds from the flesh of the prisoners face. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! the tenderizer strikes the prisoner and blood sprays. 

"Stop!" the prisoner cries even as the muscle in his cheek begins to reknit and heal itself.

"NO," Frivolity shouts, "I DO NOT ENJOY THIS!" Ramshackle continues "All are spawned INNOCENT, and then CORRUPTED," he screams "or indoctrinated to EVIL. I swore an OATH to be different," THWACK he slams the meat tenderizer into the prisoner again "To offer all a chance at redemption," the tiefling paladin says dropping the meat tenderizer.

"What are you doing?" the prisoner says his voice ragged from the beating.

Ramshackle picks up the light hammer from the case, "I OFFER REDEMPTION!" he screams with ear splitting volume amplified by a simple cantrip and pauses before taking the hammer to the prisoners toes.

After thirty minutes of beating and torturing the weretiger, Ramshackle is completely covered in blood and finally is able to get a charm to take hold and then begins to interrogate the prisoner in earnest. The charm only lasts a minute though, so if necessary he can lay on hands for 1 point of healing and then beat him back down to zero allowing Ramshackle to charm him again for another minute. This means that he can be forced to answer questions truthfully for twenty minutes.


Well, if you are aware that the creature will live and that its life is in no actual danger; then, technically, it isn’t ant evil act. The ruse is unethical and, by most accounts, completely dishonorable to a lawful character, but the deception isn’t intrinsically evil. The key is whether Frivolity intends on killing him. If no; then the action is not evil even though it’s sadistic as fuck. Also keep in mind that we spared its life due to its promise that it would give us all the information we want. If it chooses not to comply with the parlay, then it forfeits its life willingly.

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