Tales of Shore Blossom

In My Exile

Across my island's waters

These lands are strange to me. Crossing the border's of my island, I thought recovering my island's artifact would be a simple task. This new land proved otherwise.

The people, their culture, even the stench of the air is so alien to me. I remember the human's would be welcoming at the sight of me, but the humans here. They would rather glance away from me. Being away from the familiar scents of my homeland, I have to endure. This task would be difficult enough without a start, but this monk, Kodu proves a worthy ally. His patience reminds me of the elders, and his fighting style is foreign. Would rather use his fist that a blade. I feel most humans would laugh, but I know better than to doubt any kind of warrior, regardless of how strange they might be. He claims that he knows of my people, but I've never smelled his scent before. The fact that he know's of our deity Aion, I can trust him and the companions we travel with.

We parted ways for a bit before he told me to meet at Rose Shell Inn. As my business was completed, I searched for this tea house. I was lost until the smell of booze and laughter caught my attention from a tall tower of bright lights. The tower's name was hard to make out, but I got it. The enduring lessons on 'words' that the elders taught me, wasn't a waste after all. I still remember the sting they would strike with a stick on my face.

As I entered the tower, my senses was full of the booze and food in the air. Most of them kept their distance from me. 'People fear what they don't know' a traveling fisherman I once had talks with back on the island. He's been to many places and contacted with many people, and considered my homeland a unique one. As I parted through the small things, I finally found Kodu at a large wooded table surrounded by new strangers. An elf Naligor, I could easily smell the dirt and the trees of him. Another elf in armor called Oranssi, there was a sense of kindness in his eyes. Then there was a small thing, roughly the size of a child Odiri. Then finally, at first what appears to be was a demon, Frivolity. A loud mouth demon, but the way he walks and the smell that he gives off. There's more to this demon than his appearance.

As I was welcomed  to their table, a young woman appears and starts dancing. Her beauty matched that of the temple maiden's back home. The way she moved to the sound of a strings, the beat of the drums, I assume she has many suitors waiting in line to breed with her. I wonder if she would dance to the sound of my flute. This celebration is much similar to the celebrations of my island, though we wouldn't dance in  a crowded tower such as this. We would dance wildly out in the open around a huge fire with the locals to the beat of the drums and the chants of our songs. However, this foreign experience is nice. As the song was over, she approached our table, welcoming us and offering us food. This human female introduced herself as Madam Saru, the owner of this tower. When she looked at me, she wasn't terrified or shock, it was more of like a child was surprise to see a trick the adults would use to entertain them. It was welcoming. We thanked her hospitality, but one of them questioned this unique table we were sitting at. Apparently this carved wooden table has some kind of history to the people and Madam Saru.

After we spent the night being merry and getting to know one another, we set off towards the great of wall of Shore Blossom. Their farm land wasn't as different to our fields. It was pleasant to see. In the distance, there was a high wall of white stone that stretched as far as my eyes could see. There was some kind of magic about them, magic like our elders. Older than our elders even. Before we crossed their gates, the guards mentioned 'that no one returned from the Bamboo Sea.' If I ever got lost, I could easily find my way back I wasn't concerned. Finding my island's artifact was more important to me than whatever this strange land has to offer.

As we crossed the borders, we were met to a forest thick of bamboo. I wasn't going to have trees stand between me and my way back home, so grabbed my axe and started hacking at the forest. Finding food wouldn't be a challenge to my survival, and I could take care of myself in a fight, but I would be damn if bamboo would come between me and my destiny. Regardless of the demon's loud mouth, I chopped a faction of bamboo like wheat for miles and miles. My arm's were getting heavy farther we got into the Bamboo Sea, but i could say differently for my axe. I would have to save it from being dull the first chance I get when we return back to the city. It wasn't long until I could feel a new presence. We were being hunted, but I could smell it's scent. I hope I wouldn't come to me cutting it down, that is until Naligor started… growling and purring at a panther. Company said he's a druid. Druids are some kind of people of nature and animals. Before I knew it, the creature left as quickly as it was stalking us.

Finally we arrived to a clearing with an old golden temple in the center. Our company paid respects to it, and we rested for the night. I was enjoying my deserved rest, that is until we were attacked by strange creatures. These kobold. Such small primitive things. They looked like me, but way more fragile. Three of the six of our raiders could fly. It was rare for my clan to be born with wings, and only elders were the only ones that could achieve flight. If a hatchling would be born with wings, they would have the honor of leading our tribe. In our skirmish, one of the flightless ones struck the back of my leg. However it wasn't deep. I slammed my mace against the dwarf's chest in self-defense and his body flew a few feet away. So fragile. Our company killed the flightless ones, until they finally which I presume they surrender because the demon kept shouting "Parlay!" We've learned there's a whole tribe of these small fragile things and there's a haunted temple to the east. I remembered that one of the small things called me "heretic". A curious thing to say.

As the sun rose, so did we and we headed towards the haunted temple. I remember the kobold's mention ghost tigers. Sounded like celestial beings or ghost stories that we would tell to frighten the young ones. As i cleared a bath, a flash of white tried to attack one of us. We were on guard on our attacker until it revealed itself. It was a tiger of white with blue cold eyes. Again our druid, Naligor started conversing with this creature. As it left, Naligor told us that it's people were being controlled by some kind of magic and we were to be on our toes for unlike this ghost tiger, it's brothers and sisters wouldn't be as merciful.

As I cleared our path, we finally arrived to another clearing to ancient ruins and a temple in the middle. As I accompanied the party and Odiri played our eyes for the ruins. As we investigated the temple, Odiri came running with three ghost tigers behind her. We had our backs together as it circled us. These tigers was the biggest creatures that I ever saw. One of them pounces on Oranssi. I charged at the ghost tiger pinning the elf down and I got it's attention. He pounces on me by surprise as I foolishly tripped over boulder. It clawed, scratched, and ensnares me in it's jaws. The more i struggled to free myself, the more wounds I would receive. I tried to keep at bay until the demon Frivolity attacked the tiger, setting it off me. I charged at the tiger yet again only to be met by it's claw. A paw that was the size of my head and it so easily knocked me out on the brink of death. A foolish mistake I made, which I also presumed was my last.

'This is death isn't it? This is how I die? In strange lands and most likely these beast's next meal…' I didn't want to die knowing my soul won't be welcomed among the gates of my ancestors. I have to get up. I WANT TO GET UP! I mustered the rest of my strength and approached the tiger that put me down. With the mighty swipe of my axe, I cleaved the creature in two. I was out of breath and my knees where weak and on the verge of collapsing, until Oraniss tended my wounds with his strange magic.

In the middle of our little victory and licking our wounds, a deity appeared in front us. Some kind of creature. A yomi. A creature from our island's dark tales that I thought was a myth. The magic was different to the elders and… dark. It was a necromancer and there was something feral to it, feral like the ghost tigers. Then there was some kind of relic at it's side. It looked like my island's artifact but it wasn't. The wind's started gathering in the center and it vanished as quickly as it appeared. As did we as we appeared back to the gates of Shore Blossom.

I must find this yomi. It must know who stole my island's artifact. I must find it…



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