Tales of Shore Blossom

Letters from Odiri - Pt. 7

Chapter 12 - New Friends & Long Journeys

OOC – Hastily written in a messy script. Several lines attempted to be scratched out by ink)


<s>My Eucarion,</s>

<s>Dearest Eucarion,</s>

<s>Dear Eucarion,</s>


I hope this letter finds you well. I cannot apologize enough that you waited for nearly two weeks for this letter. I did not intend to make you worry. I’m not sure if you saw as you left but Madam Saru has used her magicks to restore my work to the table. As overjoyed as I am, I still have no trust for Oranssi and have let him know as such. In the wake of a heated discourse with him I had to make arrangements to protect my own health. I my actions may have been rash but I cannot stand for his own impetuous actions poisoning the peace of the charter.

In more entertaining news, our charter has gained two new members! A performing lass by the name of Elura and her valet? Mr. Sempur. She seems to hail from The Republic and be close friends of Madam Saru.  Her talents know no bounds between song, dance and the sharpest tongue I have heard outside of the angriest Halfling mother. Mr. Sempur is charming in a quiet way and seems to be traveling for the sake of traveling.

You will be pleased to know our companions have finally destroyed one of the 7 Yomi Princes. A living tree of sorts burnt to cinders with the help of Soveliss. On their outing they also recovered several more weapons for the case including a fine set of unbreakable arrows that appear to have originally belonged to the adventurers of the Romance of the Seven Kingdoms. I had a chance to use them on our expedition and I’ll tell you this, I have never had a smoother shot.

As for our expedition, that slick little thing, Syd, had a vision while on the verge of death of a weapon that holds the power of the sun. She seems to have this deep seated aggression against the undead and her power within group is growing exponentially. The details are hazy but she had come across a compass to direct her to this weapon from her vision and that was the impetus of our outing. 

Little did we know how long and far this compass would take us. On our 3rd day our horses were attacked by a gryphon on the hunt for food. As much as it pained me to bring down such a glorious beast the safety of our party was tantamount. The rest of the days of travel passed with no real challenge. A beast or two here and there, easily brought down by our party despite the rift between Oranssi and I. <s>Every night, from what little sleep I could get my dreams were occupied by you</s>

We passed through a grove with the most phenomenal bone white trees with blue leaves and also a field of what looked to be burial mounds but we gave them quite the wide berth as to not disturb the sanctity of a final resting place. When we alighted upon what seemed to be our goal it reminded me greatly of Lady Hana’s grove. A large round domed building surrounded by flowers. From what we could gather this was Ashiko’s Haven. Ashiko being the priest from Prince Yuan’s party. There was a lovely statue of the sun goddess Artemestia in front of the building that was in impeccable shape, like it had just left the artist’s hands, despite the decrepit state of the rest of our surroundings.

Syd was eager to find this magic sun blade and we plunged forward into the darkness of the building only to be surprised by freshly lit candles upon making it into the entry hall. The air inside was disquietingly cold for a temple supposedly devoted to the sun. I was shocked to find that Syd has the ability to sense the undead the same as we do with natural beasts. There were eleven undead within less than a mile of us so I knew our work was cut out for us. Within steps of entering, dear sweet Albion was hit rather viciously with a trap of poison arrows. Luckily, Naligor came to the rescue and was able to cure him of the poison.

We attempt to go along a little less recklessly but the size of the hallway made it nearly impossible to travel in anything but single file. I took the back knowing my range if we did happen upon anything and Gods above did we happen upon something. In the second room we were greeted by four zombie Ogres. I couldn’t even fathom how they got in there as they were too big to leave and there was nearly no room to get around them. One by one we would dip into the room lay on some hurt and retreat to the safety of the hallway. Mr. Sempur surprised me with his ability to speak his magicks and cause impressive damage with just words. While Elura did something similar but of her own flavor. She literally taunted the poor dumb undead things to death. Albion did most of the work downing two of the four but Syd took out a third and to my pride Xiao took out a fourth. Upon inspection the foul things were branded by Blood- Spattered Snow Bitch. It concerns me greatly that her reach is this far but we can speak of such concerns at a later date.

The keys returned us home before we could go further and while it may not be obvious I think Syd is upset that we were returned so soon after her goal was so close. I want to help her retrieve this blade if it means so much to her.

I do not know if it is even my privilege to say this yet but, I miss you. I miss even just the sound of your voice. Memories of you keep a smile on my face but, my face misses your gentle touch. Will you see me? I’ll be waiting at the fountain in market square at sundown.





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