Tales of Shore Blossom

Letters to the Timeless One (Part 3)

(Translated from Draconic) 
Most honored Master, 
Much has happened since my last letter. The quest associated with my pilgrimage has seen progress as have my own abilities. I will start by saying that I am confident that I am on the right path. It came as a surprise to me, but Aion has ignited my spark; I'm of a silver bloodline! I have also learned that some of the training routines the monastery taught us are actual spells and not just meditative katas. I couldn't be more excited about this development; Not only do I feel as though I fit more within the order, but I am honored to have the favor of the First Dragon. I have also befriended a wyrmling bronze and am excited to have a possible student to learn the teachings of Aion. Laughing Surf, the wyrmling, has made the group's adventures far more manageable at times by scouting and hunting for us since he is too young for combat. 
Now to the mission. You will be happy to know that I have recovered Verdant Justice and Heaven's Thunder and have been (and will be)  employing them to make progress in recovering the others. This land is rife with the Fallen Stars and I am thankful to have found companions who are dedicated to pacifying the wilderness beyond the walls of Shore Blossom; their cause is not my cause, but our paths have converged enough that we are willing to help each other. What I know so far is that the five artifacts were given to these Yomi princes as payment to the Goblin Queen in return for their services in laying siege upon the Vanyr. My friends and I have destroyed two of these princes; thus liberating Verdant Justice and Heaven's Thunder. I know not which of the other princes have the order's property(save for Blood Spattered Snow Tiger with Golden Sunset), yet I do know that these princes are the highest form of evil and all must be vanquished; I understand the order tries to not meddle in the affairs of other kingdoms, but this is the just and moral thing to do. A part of me hopes to restore Shore Blossom to a place of wealth beyond the wall or, at the vey least, make it so the people here do not live in fear. We have tracked down the Fangs of Skotos and infiltrated their stronghold in hopes of discovering the whereabouts of these Yomi and discover which of the order's artifacts they possess, yet their leader, I fear, is beyond our capability. That mission failed as we came back empty handed. I assure you that my quest is at the forefront of my mind and I shall not stop until it has been completed. Any help you could send would be greatly appreciated. I, also, request that the order's tools may be used by those not of the order to pacify the region. You did not mention any such stipulation when I left on this quest, yet I do think the permission request is warranted out of respect for the wishes of the order. 
Another topic I'd like to discuss is expanding the scope of my mission to include the pacification of the area to reveal and preserve the history of it. One of the primary objectives of the Order of the Ceaseless Dragon is to protect history as a marker of times past and lessons learned. This area is war torn and dilapidated, but there are many remnants of the old Empire of Stone that my compatriots and I have been uncovering. The history of this place has been lost to time and merely exists in the form of a fabled story(of which is proving to be less fable than we had initially thought). I believe that the preservation and possible restoration of these places warrants the presence of our order beyond the the time it will take to recover the artifacts. The thought had crossed my mind of procuring a building here to act as a meditation dojo and place of research for our order.  this dojo can also act as a community center and museum of sorts by teaching the locals of the history of the world outside this town. I'll not do any such thing without the permission of the council, yet it would be useful in acting as a safe base of operations for the order to help piece together and restore the history of this ancient place. Another thing to consider is that the Dark One has an overwhelming influence over this region and we, as direct opponents of him, could use a local operating center in handling the threat that he poses.
Your humble student past, present and future,
Kodu, Fist of the Infinite



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