Tales of Shore Blossom

Odiri's Journal Pt. 11

Adventure 17 - Relocation Efforts

*Slightly more composed script than her last entry*

We rescued Third One! I get ahead of myself even in writing. Our adventure started in the Rose Shell, like most do. Elura in her own flirtatious ways asked of Eucarion and I lost my temper and may or may not have threatened her. I know he is not entirely mine to claim but he and I have been through so much together already I cannot help but be possessive. She, to my surprise, admitted very thoroughly that she is not interested in him at all and her flirting in purely just in her nature rather with directed intention. After she swore to me that she was speaking truth we found peace with each other. In an interesting turn of events we discovered that she also has a map of sorts that extends west of my own map giving us a fuller picture. There are several places of interest that we definitely need to explore.

While Elura and I were pouring over each other’s maps Eucarion’s familiar warmth came up behind me to wordlessly deposit a neatly wrapped package tied with twine. I opened it after he sat down at the carved table to discover the most stunning rabbit fur cloak. It was perfectly my size and in shades blue grey and black. The colors weren’t my own but the grey reminded me of his eyes and of course it was made for me so I couldn’t help but be ecstatic.

We were encouraged by a note left by Mr. Sempur to join him at the wall for an adventure which we ultimately decided was to purify the Pond of Echos then relocate Third One the frog.  Ten miles into Roth’s Road we cut across to the northeast to have a more direct path to the pond. Only an hour into our new path we discovered a Gaea shrine similar to the one at the Waystation but smaller. Once Oranssi cleansed the shrine we all seemed to experience the same feeling of relief. Like a weight we did not know we were holding was lifted.

Our break at this shrine was interrupted but explosions of acrid smoke as we were ambushed by five weretigers. We all jolted into action but oddly everyone was being attacked EXCEPT Naligor. So it was a surprise when we saw one weretiger bolt through the group to grab Naligor. We noticed him pull a scroll out and try to read it. Adi identified the scroll as a spell scroll for teleportation. They were attempting to kidnap Naligor! Elura came to the rescue by burning the scroll before the weretiger could finish. With their plan foiled they retreated in the same manor they arrived.

Naligor does not know why they would target him. The party seems wary of him but I know that Naligor is telling the truth. He has no reason to lie.

We made it to the pond by evening that day and camped for the night with no interruption. The next morning, we discussed our plan to deal with the pond over breakfast. Eucarion and I volunteered to scout the perimeter of the pond to see if we could get a better sense of what we were dealing with. Admittedly we may have also volunteered to get some privacy away from the group for a little. Though the splinters were an unfortunate side effect our scouting trip was a success. We were able to discover much about the pond. It was about a quarter mile round and was entirely devoid of beasts which was unnerving. I climbed an especially sturdy tree on the far side of the pond and was able to see a large structure in the bottom of the pond. Boy, I wish I was prepared for what we eventually found down there.

When we returned to the group they had agreed that the best course of action was to approach this situation peacefully as the water weirds we have discovered are apparently not always evil. I’ve never experienced elemental creatures quite like what the group was describing but when Sempur called one from the depths to speak to it I was delightfully surprised with the intelligence it showed scribing into the wet sand with its watery tentacle in a language I could not understand.  Through Adi and Sempur’s translations we were able to determine that the structure at the bottom of the pond was the home of Thousand Rains, a Storm Giant. One can imagine that giants make me a little nervous. Before I realize it Sempur and Adi has convinced the bizarrely pleasant water weird to grant us audience with this giant. I was sorely tempted to stay behind and watch the cart but I knew I would catch shit for missing the “fun”

Five more water weirds surfaced behind the sweet one and in an awe inspiring act they split the water of the pond allowing us to walk on the solid ground. I was very not okay with being surrounded by so much water. Fun Fact: I can’t fucking swim. It towered above us the further we walked into the pond but I was focusing my vision on the center of Eucarion’s back to keep my panic at bay. The doors were easily 40 feet tall furthering my anxiety. Once we were inside and the doors closed the air was surprisingly crisp and clean for being essentially a closed bubble. The palace? was lavishly decorated in murals of freshwater fish and shells and massive depictions of Gods and Goddesses.

We came upon this giant at the end of a long lavish receiving hall. He was perched on a throne and his voice was booming. Elura and Sempur tackled the negotiations while I cowered near the back of the group. Eucarion came to my rescue when he slid his hand into mine. Fear is an interesting thing. My memory feels like the shapeless roar of storm waves. I remember no words that were said just the vibrating fear that occasionally peaked when Eucarion, in his own anxiety, would squeeze my hand.

I was shaken from my panicked stupor by the loud clatter of large I Ching coins crashing to the ground as Thousand Rains declared two prophecies. One referenced trusting Zui the gnome to help us defeat the Yomi Princes and preparing for further trouble from (((FINISH THIS SHIT LATER)))

Naligor seemed under some tension and wolfed out on us about to lunge at the giant when I stepped in front of him while the rest of the party apologized quickly for his rash actions. Once the giant pardoned us Naligor thought it clever to pick me up by the back of my armor in his jaws like a mother wolf and a its errant pup. No matter how much I kicked and swung at him he would not release me. Eucarion was oddly distant as our entire party quietly walked back through again parted waters to the shore’s edge. He very aggressively snatched me out of Naligor’s jaws when we reached the surface and set me on the ground but went back to being distant. I think Eucarion assumes there is something on between Naligor and I. He couldn’t be more wrong. Naligor is so much like Orryn. It’s like the opportunity to have my brother back. I am not interested in him in the least.

Before we ever made it to the Kami Mines we discovered a slick black unnatural wolf stalking us using Adi’s familiar. Through a group effort the wolf was trapped and transformed back into its human form and interrogated under Oranssi’s truth spell. This is when we found out about ((NALIGORS DAD)). I knew this Yomi Prince was Naligor’s father and I watch as Naligor became angrier and angrier. I knew his story I knew why he raged. When all useful information was obtained from the cur Naligor took the honor of slitting the monster’s throat.

After the body was disposed of ritualistically we sat soberly around the camp fire as Naligor explained his past. (pg. 29-32) Watching people’s looks of horror and pity was not easy but the hardest of all was watching Eucarion realize his attitude towards Naligor was completely misplaced. After I gave my brother, Naligor, a hug for his strength in telling his tale to the group Eucarion pledged his sword to Naligor. Naligor’s story seem to strike a deep painful chord in my love so I stayed up through his watch and my own to keep him company.  Despite being very tired the next morning I trudged on with the rest of them to the mines to rescue our dear frog friend. The familiar clearing looked like it had been recently camped in but to our knowledge no one in the charter had come through this way since the last time Eucarion, Naligor, Oranssi and I visited it.

I picked a flower in this field that held so many memories and gifted it to Eucarion. He accepted it with a smile that makes my heart flutter even now. The retrieval of Third One was wildly successful as Naligor shrunk him down to the tiniest peeper and he was scooped up into Elura’s floating disc along with what little water he sat in. Upon delivery, the sweet water weird – I’ve named it Sweetums and gifted it a flower crown that now floats vaguely unsettlingly around inside it – guided third one out onto the lake on a lily pad before Naligor returned him to his natural size. I hope to visit him soon to see if the storm giant is treating him well.

Lastly left in Elura’s disc was a fine bracelet intricately inscribed with dwarven and elvish. After some translation it looks like it is directions to some theater. Another adventure for another day.



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