Tales of Shore Blossom

Past, Present and Future

A Group Meditation

"Everyone must find their center. Focus on your breathing. Slower and slower. In for four, hold for seven, out for eight and repeat. Still your thoughts and quiet your minds"


"Quiet your minds and your voices, Master Ramshackle."

"BAR THAT BERK!" The Tiefling shouts seriously "Ain't no barmy siren you addle-cove git." The children giggle.

The monk smiles while maintaining his peaceful stance. "Slow your breathing and movements. Focus as we move in to 'The Silver Watches Vigil' slowly. Thoughts will ebb and flow around your mind. Let them come; let them go. The past will visit you in this state. Thoughts of the present will also come and you must let that go as well. The truly fortunate will see future's infinite possibility; You must let that go as well. All there is; is now"

The festival comes to his mind. The games… Oh how they laughed. Little Odiri being mistaken for a child, by a child, was the heartiest of guffaws amongst the group. Odiri's frustration at not winning anything was endearing. Kodu pretended to compete in the archery tournament and hit everything he aimed at. Odiri's target, the hay bail behind his and then he sank an arrow so deep into the leg of his own target stand that the the man who ran the game gave up trying to pull it out and left it there for the rest of the festival (He later used it as a comedy routine "remember to aim. You don't want to be the guy who did this"). Then came the sword tournament, the Beyonders fought well. Frivolity and Kodu were the last in the ring; the result being the audience's disappointment of no aggression at all culminated in a draw. Then there was the back and forth of who earned the reward. Both 'winners' stating that the other performed so admirably that he deserved it.

"Now we transition to 'Repelling the Red's Flame"

The dragon attacked. The town became desolate and the Beyonders recieved their trademark keys from going beyond the wall. How could this be when they were within the walls? Time would tell, but not at that moment. The battle was difficult and a hard won; yet the Beyonders prevailed and even took a captive.

"Slowly, Calmly hold your last position before moving to 'Talkative Brass' and hold"

His thoughts shift to the ogre. The mental image stands with a club in hand and moves to strike (Kodu knows this isn't how it happened), yet it collapses mid-swing of its mighty club. Syd's, his friend and teacher, image jumps out from behind of the creature wielding a glowing blade much longer than the actual blades she uses. The locket dominates his third eye. It begins to glow as a flame, a light, an arcane symbol and an indistinguishable phrase escape from the locket's sides. The locket then morphs itself into the silvery scaled face of a dragon.

"Now we flow into 'Form of the White's Demise"

"Oi. Down in front. How do you get your leg up so high? Never been one for the scrub, me," the tiefling squeals "I think I'm going to need some shackles and chains to follow your act."

"Just do the best you can, Master Ramshackle. Now extend your arms to 'The Heavens' Infinite Embrace"

The silverdragon sprouts vines from its cheeks as its scale darken to a blackish-green and its visage soon twists to resemble the blights encountered not long ago. The blights then merge together to form the image of Poisoned Harvest, The Yomi prince. It wields Verdant Justice yet never gets to swing the staff. Instead it just bursts into flames which engulf the priest's entire mind's eye.

"Keep your center as we slowly descend into 'The Crouch of the Wyrmling's Hatch"

A black silhouette emerges from the flames and stands in similar posture as Kodu's. As the flames die away it appears to be Kodu, only different; Shimmering scales permeate the more tender parts of his skin. He begins to feel an itching sensation within his own body in all the places this Kodu has scales.

"We now move forward and through and hold in 'Stance of the Copper's Laughter"

"Oi. I ain't no Sensate, this hurts. What's with all the rough stuff, you on the make, Kodu?"

"Shift to your right leg and keep your center, Master Frivolity"

"Oi! That's slightly less scrubby, but I still think you are barmy. Feels like we should be applying all this scrubbing to that prisoner we caught. Back in Sigil this aint proper behavior for spawn to watch you skeg!". The children burst out in laughter.

"You may now rest in neutral position, if you wish; I will continue on to 'Unending Balance of the Stable Mind"

His thoughts move to Oranssi. Now is not the time for confliction, but these thoughts must come and be let go. The poor elf has gone mad. No longer does he act in prudence. First; the knee-jerk reaction of erasing the table. This was not an act of a learned cleric, but an impulsive and brash anger. Then, secondly; the suggestion of raising the dead… the dead! Such an action is an affront to ALL of demi-humanity. Thirdly; It has been obvious for some time that he is no fan of non-elven kin. He even slights the half elfkin when he acts less than elven, but his actions suggest the immediacy of most humans and less expected wisdom than his race would suggest; He does not see the hypocrisy either! I know he respects me for being "Virulent", as he states, but now that we have more humans within the Beyonders; The monk fears this elf's nature will have a direct impact on Mr. Sempur, Elura, Olma and Syd (who has proven herself far more than capable).

"Let it go and transition to 'Gold's Tanacity"

He slips back into his trance to see Syd grasping for the hilt of a sword with no blade. The blade always just out of reach. She scrambles to get closer as it moves just as much. 'You have my promise. The blade will be yours', he muses. The image slowly transforms into Blood-spattered Snow Tiger. She chortles before disappearing into black.

"Back to neutral position. That's enough for today. Who brought their wooden swords?"

The children all cheer as Frivolity lays on the ground grasping his calf muscle. Kodu scratches the unstoppable itch on his neck and then helps the demonkin up.


I edited Frivolity’s dialog to include his planar slang

Past, Present and Future
thank you! I got the spirit right, but the wording is always best left to the player who knows the character best.
Past, Present and Future

Wonderful read guys! I encourage everyone to collab like this future!

Past, Present and Future

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