Tales of Shore Blossom

Story Time with Odiri - Pt. 1

Adventure 1 - Panthers, Kobolds & Tigers Oh my!

Odiri clatters her way into the Rose Shell doing her tired best to get the attention of a server “ I need another glass of that Maiden’s Mouth Rice Wine after the adventure I just had!” She climbs into a chair at the Carved Table.  “I’ve always been struck with a bad case of the wanderlust but Madam Saru’s tale of ancient adventurers carving their exploits outside the city walls on a table just like this made my desire to see what's on the other side of those 50 ft walls grow even more.” She strokes her hand along the surface of the table and with a casual glance at the samisen player on the stage. “The scroll that stranger dropped getting off the ship didn’t hurt either.” She focuses back on the table “I had no way of knowing what lay beyond the walls was so…vast. I talked a fair group of gentlemen into going out there with me.


I know I can’t survive on my own, that it what a tribe is for. Well…as close as I could get to a tribe in this odd little town. I collected the elf I crossed the sea with, Naligor, a rather large dragonborn named Roth, the noisiest horned fellow I’ve ever met named Frivolity” She glances around the room and lowers her voice to a whisper “I secretly call him Frilly” She looks over both shoulders to double check once more to see that Frivolity Ramshackle was not present. “And then there was Kodu, he seems the mothering type but it kept my tiny behinny in one piece more than once out there. Oh and we mustn't forget Oranssi he seems to be a shaken man but still very useful when I was hurt.”


“We headed right out that gate without hesitation despite the pitying looks on the guard’s faces and Frivolity’s cataclysmic wailing of how we are all going to be cursed to return to the town. To the bottom of the bay with such nonsense! We were just going for a little bit of an explore!” Odiri takes a long sip of her now delivered Maiden’s Mouth Rice Wine. “It was a bit more of an explore than I anticipated. The road from the town just…STOPS right outside of town! I now understand why the towns folk call it the Bamboo Sea because all you can SEE is bamboo!! Get it? See? As in…with your eyes? See?” She chuckles at her own bad joke.”I had no problem navigating my way through the forest of bamboo because once you've seen one forest you've seen them all but the rest of our group seemed to be stumbling through so Roth decided to cut a path in the bamboo with his ax. Despite how noisy bamboo chopping and Frivolity were being the majority of us attempted a slow enough pace to remain stealthy. Our stealth was no match for the panther that ambushed us from the shadows without warning. Luckily, Naligor speaks forest cat apparently because he convinced it to let us be without harm. It was kind enough to warn us of the danger of the Ghost Tigers before it slipped back into the shadows. After a full day of travel, we found ourselves at the crumbles of a shrine of some sort. I volunteered to take the first watch with Frilly, eHEM, I mean Frivolity and wouldn’t you know it the moment every’un falls asleep…” She slams her hand loudly on the table. “ I get hit with a damned BOULDER!”


She takes a moment to throw back the remaining rice wine and ask for a bottle of sake as a server passes her. “From the sky come 3 winged nasties. Cowards trying to kill us in our sleep. Frivolity foolishly tries to reason with them but when their 3 grounded partners came from the surrounding darkness I knew they couldn't be reasoned with so I took aim wiff me bow and obliterated the whole lot of them!” When the bottle of sake arrives at the table she chooses this moment to awkwardly admit after a long classless pull straight from the bottle “The rest of ‘em may ‘ave helped. We spared all but 2 of the winged ones and bartered for information. They confirmed our heading was approximately correct from the knowledge I had of where I was trying to get to. But waaaaay out in the east is where they come from. They being the kobolds but you knew that right? So get this we gotta keep going east ‘cause that's where the damned haunted temple is and who doesn't want to go explore a haunted temple? And sure as snow in winter we start goin’ east and we run into a TIGER” With this she throws her arms up in the air drunkenly splashing sake on the patron behind her. “Dis thing’s head was nearly as big as I was! But we din’t kill it, no we din’t! ‘Cause we have ‘ol Nali Wally havin’ himself a nice ‘lil conversation with this big ass kitty. Am I the only ‘un that things its a little weird that he talks to cats? Whaaaaaatever then we find out that since the Ghost Tiger is by itself it’s fine, ‘cause they hunt in packs if they are controlled by the bad lady. Oops sssshhushh I haven’t gotten to that part of the story.” She attempts to drunkenly physically shush the patron next to her by holding her small hand to their mouth “So the tiger, who I should clarify is NOT an actual ghost. Just wanders the heck off and we run into these reaaal old ruins. I mean OLD I think one of my party said as far back as the Empire o’ Stone, I dunno. So I go poking around the ruins looking for things and stuff and they MORE DAMN TIGERS!”

At this point, she has climbed up to stand on the carved table for emphasis flailing her arms excitedly as she tells the story “ Three of them! Circling us! I bravely ran back to our group and warned them of the impending DOOM!” At this she takes a giant inhale of air” We fought, and we fought, and we died, and we fought, and we got brought back to life, and I shot a tiger THROUGH THE HEAD!” Odiri finished this prideful claim out of breath and swaying with intoxication. At this point, Madam Saru curtly asks her to remove herself from the table and return to her seat. Once settle back in and slightly sobered she continues on “When we finally killed every last one. We were greeted with the most haunting vision of a woman. Her hair was like ink spilled across fresh paper but something about her wasn't fully human. She seemed to be also part tiger. This was the lady the first Tiger warned us about. She was none too happy for us being on “Her Lands”. Just as quick as the vision of her appeared to us it was gone and shortly after that without even really understanding why all of us were back here in the city.” Odiri pauses and looks troubled but very quickly covers it with a sleepy smile. “But here we are, safe and sound.” And without warning her eyes close and her head tilts back and the most ungodly snoring you have ever heard from such a tiny thing emits from her mouth as she falls asleep weary from such an adventure.



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