Tales of Shore Blossom

Story Time with Odiri Pt.10

Adventure 16 - A Wailing Tale

Odiri slips from her room in Ramshackle Manor to nearby kitchen following the smell of familiar cooking. A smile spreads on her face to find her dear friend Shei hard at work prepping the evening meal. Shei looks up from the dumplings she was folding and chuckles “I was wondering when you’d come scrounging around in here. I don’t know where you put all this food in that little frame of yours!” Odiri leans against a sideboard and crosses her arm casually. “A mystery not even my own mother knows the truth of.”

Shei shakes her head amused “So, what adventures have you been up to lately? I haven’t seen hide nor hair of you in what feels like weeks.” Odiri looks thoughtful for a moment then responds “Well, I suppose it has been nearly 2 weeks. We’ve gone out beyond the wall again. It all started when Mato asked me to the Shrine of Stars. You know how I feel about religion but, I felt it would be disrespectful to ignore the invitation. I was promptly locked into a room with my Eucarion, Naligor and much to my chagrin, Oranssi. Though it was probably less than a half an hour it felt like an eternity sitting in that room awkwardly waiting for Mato. Oranssi tried to offer me temple wine but I would have nothing to do with their godly spirits. I was content with my own flask. I was relieved when Mato finally arrived but the awkward tension of the room did not improve when he attempted to make some sort of peace between Oranssi and I. Mato very clearly stated the table was nothing but a table and initiated an apology between the two of us. If it weren’t for the look Eucarion shot me I probably would not have added my half of the apology. Not that I really meant the apology but I’ve spent enough of my life with gritted teeth behind a smile that this is nothing new. Beyond that little bit of a kerfuffle Mato actually got to the real reason he invited me to the temple to explain the fan I won during the festival had actually belonged to Lady Hana and not only was it her it was also magical. It could protect me from her banshee wail and assist me in detecting any magical items in her tomb. Finally, I knew we could travel back to her tomb and do what I could to release her spirit.”

Odiri moves comfortably around the kitchen in what she now considered home procuring a snack of dried fruits before continuing “Well we headed back to the Rose Shell to make plans with the rest of the charter for our expedition back to Lady Hana’s Tomb and to my dismay I was greeted with the sight of a gnome enjoying MY spot on Albion’s head! In a huff I went to sit at the Carved table only to get grumbled at for wearing ‘Another Man’s Colors’ by Eucarion.” With that Odiri rolls her eyes exaggeratedly “It’s a uniform! It’s a job! I feel like a soldier of all people would understand the point of a uniform.” Odiri pauses with a dawning look of realization regarding the implications as Shei looks over her shoulder accusatorily “Ohhh…well… I didn’t put that together… Anyways! The new gnome was not alone. There was a half-elf there as well. After much chatting and some manly showing off they both signed the charter. Hok’ee, the half-elf, seems to be affluent in some nature as his mother is the one who bought the bathhouse. Zui, the gnome, shocked us all with intimate knowledge of how to defeat each and every one of the Yomi Princes. While Zui was showing off he removed himself from Albion’s head returning my perch to me. Excellent well he did so because I had a perfect vantage to ‘accidentally’ drop my mug on Eucarion’s head when I caught him making eyes at Elura.” Shei interrupts briefly, “Not to be that person but, do you really have any right to the gaze of a married man?” Odiri was stunned into silence by someone who had, until these words, been very supportive of her relationship despite its adulterous nature.

Taking a deep breath and shaking away the thoughts Odiri snaps back with a halfhearted glare, “Did you want to hear this story or not?” It was Shei’s turn to roll her eyes and sigh. “Go on then!”

Odiri huffs indignantly and proceeds “We left the next morning with Frivolity’s newest additions, the cart horses False Indigo and Gryphon Bait and the most stunning Spectral Horse Frivolity has named Luminestra. I will admit I have visited False Indigo and Gryphon Bait in the stables but Luminestra still scares me a bit. They make me miss a sweet grey pony I left back home. Our travels went fast between Albion and I but the first night was an uncomfortable one. Eucarion had chosen a different watch shift than I and I thought he may still be slighted over my joining Frivolity’s employ. But then I noticed his watch ‘partner’, Elura of course. I was beside myself, but that’s what a flask and a high branch to sleep in was for.  I drank myself into such a deep sleep that night I missed most of the ambush of a pod of bullywug. Nasty things. Pray you never run afoul of them. It was Naligor’s lightning spell that nearly scared me out of my branch. Elura used a spell to make the two remaining bullywugs fall asleep. Once bound the entire party fought tooth an’ nail with eachother over what to do with the sleeping captives. I voted quick death as I would have put an arrow between both their eyes if I were on my own. I’ve seen what bullywug can do to the land. They are pests! It would be like setting a cat to the mice in the grain house. But apparently the rest of the group agreed to spare their lives after Oranssi delivered a stern warning.”

“As we continued on to Lady Hana’s Grove that half-elf Hok’ee was being rather flirtatious. If Eucarion wasn’t so enraptured by Elura’s gifts of a flower crown I would have flirted back with Hok’ee just to spite Eucarion but his attentions were not for me. I fell back to share a pipe with Naligor which has become a regular interlude on our travels. I dare not ask what beside tobacco is in that pipe I just know it leaves me carefree and calm. Sometimes a little too calm but those moments have been exclusive to the drawing room or on Naligor and I’s walks out in the farmlands, I wouldn’t want to be too altered on the trail. Especially not in front of Eucarion. He seems particularly put off by the habit. I don’t understand how an elf of all people would be so apprehensive about something so natural.” Shei turns back to Odiri so suddenly it startles her. “Are you REALLY so oblivious as to why you being further intoxicated than you normally are might worry him?”

Odiri snorts agitatedly “First you berate me on my ‘right’ to his gaze and now you are defending his ‘right’ to worry over me? I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately, but I am not going to deal with it today” Odiri haughtily storms off back to her room throwing the door closed behind her.

**** Hasty Scrawling in a battered journal ****

What a BITCH. I don’t know if Soveliss’s affections have been waning or if she is about to start her monthly but Shei was nothing but rude today. I was trying to tell her of my trip to free the spirit of Lady Hana. I’ll admit I was still mad at Eucarion for letting Elura flirt with him so openly, but the tomb needed to be dealt with. I tried to head the party with my fan in hand but Eucarion in some chivalrous attempt turn assholery kept me at the back.  I just really don’t understand how he flips back and forth between being loving and sweet to a righteous twat. We’ve gone through so much together when can we just be happy with each other. (angry spots of ink as if not sure how to continue)

We entered Lady Hana’s Tomb forced into a single file due to the slim hallways. After avoiding and disarming a trap we came across a small shrine to Lady Hana herself. Everyone left offerings. I included to the surprise of all my companions. While I may not be a religious person I do respect shrines of the deceased. Especially for Lady Hana. I was so inexplicably taken with her story and the circumstances of her death.  

Following the fan looking for Lady Hana we encountered 8 sets of armor animated by magic. Elura created a hazardous slide of grease on the ground which was nearly as frustrating as Adi’s fog. Watching Zui and Ho’kee fight was impressive. I feel confident about their addition to the Charter. Once we bested the animated armor we moved forward following the fan. It lead us through the most interesting room of glowing green spirals set into the floor it seems like the whole room was one giant Go game. The next hallway greeted us with an unsettling disembodied chanting which we realized was a spell to keep the banshee that was Lady Hana at bay in the room beyond it.

When we breached the room we were stunned by the trinkets and treasures spread about the room along with the 10 specters, 2 wights and Lady Hana’s Banshee itself. The fight was brutal. The Banshee’s wail affected Oranssi, Zui and sweet Charka and frightened Xiao so badly he was frozen in terror. But we prevailed and in a blinding flash of gleaming light that hideous form of the banshee was replaced by the spirit of Lady Hana. She was radiating with a golden energy as she thanked us for releasing her from her torment. I started to lose control over my own emotions. I am by no means comparing my past to the ages of anguish experienced by a banshee but I, in part, understand the anger and despair and desire to escape from a situation you are trapped in. I wept out of control. No wonder the group doesn’t take me seriously.

Despite my complicated feeling about being held by him Eucarion’s comforting advances were welcome. I wish I could tell Eucarion what upset me so, but Gerrick should not be his worry, he already has so much else on his mind.  What really surprised me is Elura’s kindness in my shameful display of emotional weakness. I don’t know what her angle is but I struggle to trust her. After finding a few caches of valuables to rescue from the tomb and bring home for documentation we happened upon one last magic “item”. It was a pool in the south west portion of the tomb.  It had a sign in Dwarven indicating that, in trade for a magic item, the pond would bestow beauty. I immediately looked at Eucarion. I loved him despite his scars but I know what those scars had done to his mind. Having held him through the night terrors I felt like even the smallest bit of comfort of at least not seeing the scars anymore might help him heal. I knew the scars were deeper than the surface of his skin and they would still haunt him whether he could see them or not but I wanted him to have this opportunity. But apparently the rest of the group felt like they were the ones who got to decide and after a rather rattling outburst from Eucarion himself I pressed Lady Hana’s fan into his hand. I wanted the decision to be his and his alone without the worry of having to give up a magical item of his own. It only made sense that we return Lady Hana’s magic to her anyways.

Our keys started to glow forcing him to make a decision. At the last moment he threw the fan into the pool and I watched with a shimmer as his visible scars melted into his skin leaving his face whole and unmarred. It wasn’t till we made it home that night that we discovered that the magic pool only cleaned the scars from his face. The worst of them still graced his body but I can see that his confidence is already higher since the ones on his face are gone. I was nice to have him out with me beyond the walls again I wonder how long this happiness will last.



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