Tales of Shore Blossom

Things to do in Port Shoreblossom before you die...

Frivolous adventures beyond the Wall

Dearest Papa,

Of course this letter will never reach you. Even if I could return to the magnificent crumbling ruin that generations of Ramshackles have called home, the thriced cursed magic that lies upon the anthill of Port Blossom would drag me to this backringed prime. Still I must put these words down, if only to clear my conscious now that once again I have been deposited in Port Blossom for a second time. My first attempt at exploration ended the lives of my erstwhile compatriots, the second expedition beyond the walls ended more fortuitously. This time no blood stains the hands of your virtue blessed son, Frivolity Ramshackle.  But let us not speak ill of the dead. 

I must apologize for not going through with the marriage you arranged for me. But as I told you, I cannot be betrothed to my cousin Temerity. I cannot think of her in such a fashion. Further if it is true that our demonic blood is running thin, perhaps it would be better to arrange a pairing with a Tanar'ri. But enough about family matters. Let me regale you with a tale of my adventures beyond the wall, father.

Once again, I and my erstwhile companions: a cleric, druid, monk, fighter, and ranger ventured out past the gargantuan walls of the accursed anthill seeking stolen artifacts, shiny jink, and new experiences. As before, a bright flash emerged from my breeches as the curse bestowed a physical token of its presence upon each of us. Emerging from the anthill's massive gates we entered a forest strange vegetation that I liken to living sticks. Traveling north, this time guided by a ranger, we discovered a shrine to a local deity, and were ambushed by diminutive dragon-kin, whom we trounced before negotiating a truce with the survivors, subsequently trading my jink for their local knowledge. Learning from the two survivors three important facts: firstly the location of their underground city, second: the presence of spirit ridden ghost tigers, and third: the legend of the haunted temple that lay to the east. My companions decided to chance the risk of traveling in the direction of the haunted temple the next morning at first light. During the journey we parlayed first with a solitary ghost tiger before being ambushed by three more such beasts. Slaying them, we found ourselves transported back to the accursed Port. What a horrible con. 

By the blood that binds us in noble purpose,
your son Frivolity



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