Aravaldëaner Faervel

Disapproving Dad


Sir Aravaldëaner Faervel (“Val” to his friends) is the husband of Bronwen Accursio and father to Hok’ee Faervel and the late Othanar Faervel. Aravaldëaner was the previous wielder of the Faervel Moonblade before a series of nearly-fatal battlefield injuries rendered him unable to continue its legacy. The blade, and the family’s legacy, was passed to Sir Othanar, who later died on the field of battle. Now Sir Aravaldëaner’s only remaining son strives to prove himself wortht to bear the family blade and all the duties and honors attendant thereto, but Aravaldëaner has been… let’s say “less than supportive” of the half-elf’s efforts to carry on the elven legacy.

A sworn champion of Vanyr and its People, Sir Aravaldëaner has served in countless military campaigns, errant quests, holy tasks, and heroic adventures. He’s proven himself a paragon of elvish values, and an unwavering protection of the People. He was never one to rest on laurels or demand superficial accolades for his deeds, though he did insist that his service be properly honored and respected. Despite his injuries, retirement does not suit him.

Aravaldëaner Faervel

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