Bronwen Accursio

Cunning Merchant-Noble


Dame Bronwen is the wife of Sir Aravaldëaner Faervel and the mother of Othanar Faervel and Hok’ee Faervel. She is the current head of a small family of human merchant-nobles, a member of the elven nobility by marriage, bearing the title of dame (the feminine equivalent of “knight”). Hers was a largely political marriage. wedding Accursio holdings and wealth to Faervel status and reputation. Still, though she and Sir Aravaldeaner were never deeply or passionately in love, they do like and care for one another, and she cares deeply for her two sons.

It was always a given that their eldest, Othanar, was going to follow in elvish traditions and become some kind of mystic knight, so Bronwen made sure to train the younger son, Hok’ee in the arts of negotiation and manipulation, on the assupmption that he would be managing trade and the estate while Othanar was out killing people in the name of Vanyr, or whatever it is that good bladesingers do.

But then Val was wounded in battle and forced to retire. Othanar took up the blade too soon, and in no time he was dead. And now Hok’ee is the heir apparent, a fact she seems to keenly ignore as she withdraws into managing the estate and family business to the exclusion of actually speaking to anyone she lives with.

Bronwen Accursio

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