Othanar Faervel

Firstborn, deceased


Othanar was the firstborn son of Aravaldëaner Faervel and Bronwen Accursio, and the older brother of Hok’ee Faervel. The as the eldest child of nobles, Othanar was expected to inherit the estates, titles, and duties of his family, a responsibility which he shouldered admirably. Honestly, it should have been years before he was expected to fulfill those duties but his father’s injuries requires that he take on some of the family’s more military responsibilities somewhat early. Wielding the family treasure, the Faervel Moonblade, he represented the family well for a few years.

Othanar was an agreeable person, and he and Hok’ee generally got along. There was a little friction, as there often is between older and younger siblings, but nothing serious. By the time they were adults they got along quite well.

But eventually he was defeated. Shortly before his death, he bequeathed the Moonblade to Hok’ee. No one knows why he proclaimed it so explicitly, as 1) Moonblades typically pass along family lines anyway, and 2) when they don’t, it’s often because the weapon itself has made a choice. Regardless, this proclamation and the sword’s rejection of Hok’ee have complicated the matter of its disposition.

Othanar Faervel

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