Tag: Merchant


  • Elder Yen

    Elder Yen is the proprietor of Yen's Emporium, a one stop shop of supplies both mundane and arcane. He is the leader of the Port Shore Blossom's ruling Council, and is the eldest and most respected merchant in the city.

  • Madam Saru

    Madam Saru's family has owned and run The Rose Shell for countless generations. She is the latest in a long line of talented folks who have provided entertainment, tea, food, and lodgings for locals and visitors alike. Saru is the youngest member of …

  • Bronwen Accursio

    Dame Bronwen is the wife of [[:aravald-aner-faervel | Sir Aravaldëaner Faervel]] and the mother of Othanar Faervel and [[:hok-ee-faervel | Hok'ee Faervel]]. She is the current head of a small family of human merchant-nobles, a member of the elven …