Tales of Shore Blossom

Have You Seen Me?

The Elephant Not In The Room

I can't find Olma. I know everyone she talks to. I know everywhere she would hide. I can't find her. The last time we spoke, the night of the festival, we weren't exactly at our best. When that tentacle literally almost killed me on our first outing, it figuratively almost killed her. I tried to talk her down, but she knew all my tricks. 

"You can't get me to feel otherwise. You're not leaving these walls again." she said, "Not with me anyway. I won't watch you die. It's stupid."

"And you would know stupid." I shot back.

"Do what you want, Syd. I know you will. Let's see how well you do without me there to protect you." 

"Like you did from that Water Weird?" I sneered.

"Go." she said quietly. 

"That's it?! Just 'go'?? After everything we've b-"

I barely had time to dodge her hammer. She splintered the door with it. The door we built together for the hovel we had shared for years. 

I went, and I went beyond wall. Three times I left without her; three times I came back alive. I wasn't just alive, I was living. There was excitement. Treasure. Friends. Purpose. When I returned from my last adventure, I finally had what I felt to be sufficient evidence to convince her that this was right for us, that I knew what I was doing… aaaand to rub it in her face. I love a good "I told you so." I donned my new armor, filled my pockets with my new wealth and, humming the song Elura wrote in my name, went off to find her. She was gone. If she left… if she shipped out… she took nothing but her hammer. All of her other stuff was left untouched. I asked everyone she talks to. I went everywhere she would hide. I can't find Olma.

                                                       * * *

I made missing person posters. I put them up everywhere. I titled it "Have you seen me?" and drew her as best I could. I know I did it only to comfort myself; if anybody knew anything, I would know it by now. My only hope is if some outsider saw her board a ship or something. I don't understand. She's so big, how could anyone miss her? Then again… I miss her. Alot. Olma, wherever you are… I'm sorry.



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