Tales of Shore Blossom

Letters from Odiri - Pt. 9

Adventure 15 - Sunblade Success

My Dear Eucarion,

I have returned from yet another adventure. I really wish I could convince you to leave the temple for more than just an evening visit. These outings are just not the same without you.

Syd was determined to get back to Ashiko’s Haven to retrieve the Sun Blade so I decided to join her along with Kodu, Frivolity and Adi. Our travels to Ashiko’s Haven were mostly unfettered except for a particularly intense attack against us at the waystation. The Goblin Queen is getting bolder and sent the Silver Demons against us. We had to dispatch a Goblin Boss and his Warg, a Hobgoblin Warlord, a Bugbear Chief and a pair of their feral wolves. Adi gathered any missives on their persons to review with the council but, I don’t think they truly care. They are so focused on the inside of the wall that they willingly choose to be blind to what is going on behind it. Elder Yen made that perfectly clear after the Summer Festival.

Once we arrived to Ashiko’s Haven we retraced what steps we knew of and happened upon a beast I have only heard of before. They told me it was called an Umber Hulk. This thing was massive with clamping jaws and slashing claws. I was surprised to see Kodu has gained some proficiency with elemental magicks and used them to our advantage that day. I have little memory of this fight as I seemed to have be under this creatures mental control. It all seemed to go dark and in a moment I was in an entirely different hall with Xiao nosing my hand trying to snap me out of my daze. It was terrifying knowing my body was manipulated without my control to move, walk, speak, who knows what I did in the blank spaces of memory.

When I made my way back through a maze of halls to the action I was just in time to witness Adi cast an illusion of several members of the charter pretending to attack the Umber Hulk and running away. That mad magick fellow realized we could use the brute force of the monstrosity to crash through the wall into the chamber we knew held the Sun Blade. Lords and Ladies you should have seen it! The Umber Hulk smashed in to reveal a room filled with eight legged horrors, seven in total.

It was a mess of fire between Kodu and Adi then Frivolity cast a field of darkness to distract the Umber Hulk. So much happened at once it was hard to keep track but eventually Syd captured her goal. The Sun Blade was hers and it looked like it belonged in her hand all along. The one concern I have from this outing was not Syd but Kodu. His demeanor has changed. I can’t put my finger on it but he is different. I think we all felt it.

We were met with one last challenge before the key brought me home. Seven Urk. Emblazoned with the Goblin Queen’s mark. We took them down with little effort between Syd’s new toy and Kodu’s growing abilities, but it makes me anxious to the pit of my stomach that her hoards are spread so far and wide and with such force. I fear she will be the death of me. It would do me a world of good to see your face tonight.



PS – I’ve taken residence in Frivolity’s new manor but we can talk about that later. Use the back gate my room is in the south west corner of the back of the house and the staff is under direct instruction not to harass you.



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