Tales of Shore Blossom

Log 3 of Naligor Dornrock

The Sassmasters Strike

It has been many moons since my last writings of our endeavors. I was wandering the farmlands and fields of Port Shore Blossom for many days. I was seeking answers, getting to know the locals, and learning how they were holding up. The responses I received were a mixture of hope and melancholy. I visited the Wall sensing that there must be something more to this than just a transportation spell. As I placed my hand upon the wall, I could sense something reaching out to me; a sentience that I had not noticed before. Further research and are study required. From there, I headed over to Master Yen's Emporium to see if he had any magic items that could help us on our journey. He drew my attention to an amber necklace and informed me of its history. Yen told me that I should take it with me in case something happened with it. I thanked him for his suggestion, paid my 25 gold, and respectfully took my leave. 

I traveled my way back to the Rose Shell Inn & Tea House to inform my companions of my findings. To my surprise, the Inn had been quite changed since my last visit. More carvings were added to the central table. A charter had been added for all who wish to join our cause, and many unfamiliar faces that seem to have joined up. I put my signature up upon the charter for those to know that I intend to help this Port rebuild and thrive. 

It seemed Odiri, Eucarion, and Oranssi were the only ones’ present at the Inn. It was good to see my friends again :) For some odd reason, Odiri and Eucarion have become good friends which is… fine. Though I have my suspicions. To my surprise, Odiri had gained a new fluffy animal friend, Xiao the Panda. I walked up to him and started scratching his belly and giving him a little bit of food I had on me. He could sense my friendship with Odiri and we immediately bonded with hugs and growls. Charka soon followed up and started joining in on the cuddle fest. I finally greeted the party and was brought up to speed on their outings from the Wall and the progress they had made.

On our way through the town, for some reason, Eucarion told us, off-hand, that he was still married, even during his prior involvement in a war, which sent Odiri into an emotional getaway. We tried to figure out what was wrong but she made her way quickly back to the inn. My concern peaked for her but we had to go to Master Yen's for some supplies and information. Note to self: Kick Eucarion's bitch ass

We made our way back to the Inn and I immediately went to Odiri's door. She wouldn't open the door for anyone, until she heard the sound of a POP from my bottle and a little bit of persuading. She slowly opened the door and let me in. I told everyone else to go downstairs and that we'll return momentarily. Odiri was emotional and sobbing everywhere. Her tears reminded me of my previous village and the ravaging that had occurred. I sat down next to her and I let her confine in me and reassured her that no matter what happens, I've got her back. She seemed hesitant at first so I followed up with, "Whenever we go out, if we're together, I'll always have one of Madam Saru best drinks on me. So, if you feel like this or just want to keep that nice buzz going, it'll be there at your convenience." A smiled came across her face as she warmed to up to the idea and we hugged. Her attitude immediately changed back to her spunky halfling grit and we made our way back to the group with renewed spirits.

We set out past the wall and I, as always, gave my goodbyes to the guards. Who, due to my absent mindedness, I always give them new names. We set out to make a new way station. We traveled for many days, and made a rest stop halfway to our destination. I took the midnight watch that night and decided to pray to Lunor for guidance and wisdom. I casted Moonbeam upon myself to magnify my connection, holding my moon stone in hand. Unbeknownst to us, Kobolds and Urds were preparing to strike. Though the party was attacked in their sleep, once again, I narrowly avoided being attacked as my moonbeam destroyed three enemies at once, sending them to Lunar for their treachery. We gave a strong come back and I transformed into a giant wolf spider and took out many of our foes. The battle ended swiftly with Odiri screaming in fear of my new form. I transformed back to let her know it was just me. Of course, to calm down a drunkard halfling whose fear of spiders is even worse than that of the Great Samwise the Brave, I gave her Madam Saru's sake. She was appeased but I was told to NEVER do that again unless absolutely necessary.

We made our way to way point after the surprise evening and we were finally able to create a massive yurt for all those who travel the land. We all sat by the fire, discussing plans for both the outside world and the fate of Port Shore Blossom. Myself and Oranssi came up with many great ideas and observations. We came up with a game plan for how we can both help the town and renew their morale. While we were in the middle of our discussion, first Eucarion left because he's a major wussy, followed by Odiri, for some reason that I fear. After we had finished our game plan, Oranssi and I snuck up on our drunken friends to discover that they are having a heart a heart to about their feelings. Although I may not be overly keen on Eucarion, I'm happy that they can find some happiness together. As they continued, we started added spells to "increase" the mood. A 'Zone of Truth' was cast and flowers started growing around them as they finally kissed. I'm glad Odiri is happy, but if anything happens to her because of Eucarion… well… wolves protect those that they call 'Kith' to the DEATH

From there, we made our way to Master Kenton's Mine which was abandoned in a hurry with many valuable ores and materials still to be mined. We believe that if we clear it out that we'll be able to get more armor for the town and show the people that they CAN survive outside the safety of the wall. I've never been to this mine before, but from what the party described this was no place to be trifled with. In the main part of the mine, I met a massive frog named "Third One' and decided to become a giant frog to interact with him. We learned of his sad history and how he became stuck in this mine with nothing but flies to feed him. We promised him that we would help him find a new home at a local lake. Which is a magic being at the moment that we need to deal with later. We moved past him and went down a path that none of us had been through yet. Oranssi took point with myself 10 feet behind him. Oranssi was able spot two shadows but couldn't see them. We waited for his maneuver to act. He shot a light arrow into the cavern and the fight was on. Oranssi took many blows but I put a moonbeam down on the shadow behind him and burned him with holy moonlight. Oranssi burned the shadow in front of him that was trying to steal his strength. We went further in and a giant slug fell next to Oriri and we took the battle head on. I struck and pinned the slug down as a wolf and Oranssi finished him off with holy flames. 

With that, the mines were cleared out and we rested outside the mine. I took another midnight shift and noticed the amber necklace that was given to me started to faintly glow towards the northwest. The party took note of this and agreed that it would be worth an investigation. Many days past as we entered the deep woods. As we traveled, I explained to them to story of a First Empire wedding that was supposed to occur. Prince Yuan was to be wed to the owner of the necklace, Lady Hana, deep in the heart of deep forest. But that was to never be for their marriage was postponed by unforeseen events. As we made our way to the heart of the woods (also known as Lady Hana's Grove), we started seeing more flora and animal life about; many statues and fountains laid about, broken and old. I asked the group if we could bring back this old area and renew it to its former glory but as we did that, a loud scream from within temple said " LEAVE THIS PLACE!!" it was a Banshee (presumably Lady Hana herself). We were taken back inside the Walls to reflect on what progress we had made. I worry for Lady Hana's spirit for she must be tied to this world for some reason. It would be a shame to have to put her out of her misery. If there is some way to help her, I will encourage the party to find an alternate route. 

People need to know of the dangers outside of the Wall and the High Council needs to understand the gravity of their situation, and how we can help them become a strong Port City once again.




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