Tales of Shore Blossom

Oranssi with the troubles of women and yurts

Adventure Seven with Eucarion, Odiri, and Naligor

I am nearing a choice. I feel it in my everyday activities. My emotions and physical body are like a silk worm’s first strand of a cocoon. The worm knows it is there but can’t break it or change it, it carries on to find a place to metamorphosis into its next cycle of life.

So to be female or to stay male? Never has a choice felt granted to me, for I never have had to study the behavior and physical awareness of them. Perspective, my first change came in war where I had to have my mind on survival, not only for myself, but for my comrades and country.

The variety of people in Shore Blossom has opened my senses to possibilities. But they are mundane in that their acts equal themselves out, so I must look to other options. I know a great many male adventures and figureheads in Shore Blossom, but females the numbers are fewer and easier for me to focus attention to.

Madam Saru… a woman? Creature of? No, no…woman of the Rose shell tav- Inn. I must remember her temperament. She is not a logical creature, but one of high tension emotion, and greed. If a copper piece is in her future, and she doesn’t have to lift a finger she will gladly lend a lackey. For she would never have her gentle skin be touched, or exposed. Yet she is wise, full of knowledge of how things operate and connections, and some honor to those close to her.


Then there is her Tiger Blood- NO! That villainous creature does her gender no favors. She is similar to the Goblin queen, a sinister creature that only wishes to have the world to them alone, no emotions or care for the lives she takes and enslaves.

Bhaaa…seems like females are nothing more then little-

Wait. little…the little beast. Odiri.

She is a strong fighter, lovely in her dimensions, cheerful, and in tune with her surroundings. Yet she is also a glutton. She has fallen prey to drink. However, in that state she has found ways to lighten the tone of any adventure, befriending most that she meets. Yes, Odiri is a creature to interact with, and to guide a more persuasive decision.

Tea…simple, filling; cough, the foul lingering smell of smoke, the Rose Shell Inn. I am seated at the grand table with Eucarion, Odiri. Sadly, Odiri has already succumbed to the drink, to the point she is not clear in the mind. Saru gestures to us to show a new grand attraction for adventures. My heart sank for her last venture was not to my liking. She revealed to us a display case, lovingly designed. Roth’s gifted battleaxe was the main attraction. She told us that this case is for all those under the charter and Roth will allow access to his ax when he is not using it. I hope to one day place an item in it.

My senses pick up on a figure that has just entered one I knew but have not felt in a fortnight. I look up to see Naligor. I great him promptly, and so does Odiri with lewd gestures. He didn’t seem to mind for they have been friends for sometime. He joins us for a meal and tells us of what he has been doing these past few weeks. He shockingly reveals that the wall is not just magical, but a living being.

All while Odiri attempted to convey simple instructions to Saru of provisions we needed, unfortunately it was next to my ear. Instead of gesturing to either Eucarion or I to assist, she continued to get louder. Is this typical of females? I tried to get Odiri’s attention but to no avail. She dribbled and stumbled and so I placed silence on her. I was then able to convey to Saru of the provisions we needed, after that I lifted the silence. This enraged Odiri, who, now coherent and clear headed, barked her distaste in my direction. Even though the silence achieved the desired effect.

Some of the provisions would have to be done with Kenten, and Eucarion had business there as well. So with little persuasion to go beyond the walls and help with construct of a way station, Naligor joined our party. On our journey to Kenten a conversation of the flesh had arouse leading to the discovery that Eucarion is married. I had heard rumors of such things but never a true confirmation from the person himself. My head was a buzz with questions, but Odiri had taken off. I see her and called for her. She exclaimed she had forgotten something and wouldn’t explain further, but there was something else in her voice an odd tone, not of forgetfulness, but of pain.

I cast Hold Person to see if I could come to her aid, that is when Xaoi reared up in a defensive mood on me. “I mean your mistress no harm. I just wish to know what is the matter.” Xaoi's stance became more aggressive and with Eucarion’s insight he tells me the Xaoi would “fuck me up” I released Odiri. As she and Xaoi ran off I exclaimed to meet us at Kentens.

She didn’t…

Concerned, on return to Rose Shell Inn, both I and Naligor headed to Odiri’s room for an audience. She allowed Nalligor to enter, but not I, a person who sympathies with life and balance of emotions. Confused, I join Eucarion down stairs; he confides in me that this may be his fault. I question him further and the ways of marriage and of women. His responses are just as confusing and illogical, are all females dictated by a destructive line of emotions? I discovered this was no more true for when Odiri and Naligor come down the stairs, She barely glances at Eucarion before storming off and Naligor now on the verbal attack. My mind was becoming too clouded ,too unfocused, I needed clarity and so I cast Calm Emotions on myself and took my leave, for a bath.

The next morning when we left for the wall tensions were softer but still explosive… Not much was said, only part way to the shrine we set up camp. That is when the Kobolds attacked. They surprised us, piercing a jagged blade into my chest. You inflict a wound on me I will return the favor, except mine was more fatal!

Naligor continues to amaze me with his abilities, with connection to his goddess he is able to control the moonlight, and with his connection to nature he changed his appearance to a spider. Which did not sit well with Odiri, who has fear of spiders, and yet can launch an arrow without hesitation into a Goblins brain? Do all females have such fears?

We rested and arrived at the shrine of Gaea. We used the day to setup the yurt and way station. At dusk we broke bread and discussed the potential of the way station. However, the tension had reached a high point. Odiri and Eucarion, headed off to the woods, both I and Naligor would have difficulty following them. We would let them have their space, for now me and Naligor talked of what adventures I have had and what this way station could really be. On coming to the conclusion that we should explore the mines for hope of the future of Shore Blossom, both Nalligor and I wanted to share this information with Odiri and Eucarion. Naligor was able to use his drudic magic to find Odiri and we approached in the middle of a confession. A poorly and quickly built treaty? We listened as Odiri and Eucarion discussed emotional connections. Matters of the heart can not be taken as lightly as a business contract. They aren’t being honest with themselves, the truth will give you clarity. So I called upon a zone of truth, for they needed clarity. Except I would later need to cast Calm Emotions on both of them so they can function and be prepared out in this wilderness.

We explored the mines. Newer, more dangerous creatures have taken residence. Possibly because of the destruction of the poltergeist. Adi and I will need to create many, many wards, before we can make it safe for the people of Shore Blossom to use again. When we leave, me barely with my physical life, Naligor shows us a glowing gem. He points it to the forest just beyond the mines, he tells us it is a stone of Hana, another magical item in accordance with Romance of the First Kingdom.

We travel for a long while Odiri focused guiding us thru the dense forest, then the trees became more even, more uniformed, and wild flowers grew everywhere. I felt a strange connection to this place. Then as Naligor’s stone grew brighter we found a garden, very much alive but returning to the earth. As we walked we found over grown stone passages, crumbling statues, fruit trees, and in the center a large building that looked of dwarf and elf design. We noticed the keys began to glow and shimmer, as a piercing, chilling, feminine wail could be heard coming from the structure. No more progress would be made before we were brought back to the gates.




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