Tales of Shore Blossom

Sempur: The Tale of Step and the Word of Water

pt. 1

"Gather 'round and open ears. For today I begin the adventures of a young hero from a far away land."

With a small stick he begins to draw in the dirt.

"Our tale begins, as many do, atop a camel. A camel in the Goshan Wastes."

He finishes the outline drawing of a camel, a man, and the sun.

"A hard land of sand, sun, and dangerous creatures… it is also the land of the O'Aes'Sidhe, the traveling folk of the desert lands. And our hero starts his life as one of them."

"Now the Traveling folk are a mysterious group of dwellers in that land. It is said that in their far roamings under the sun they have unearthed a few of the secret words of the world. Our hero, who we will call Step, is no different. For at a young age he found the words of "here" and "there"… but that is a tale for another day. Today we speak about the desert and water. For water means everything in the hot lands. It means life or death…"

Sempur leaned into the crowd with a flourish. His performance didn't really rely on his charm. He couldn't compare to the local Expression workers, the ones people call Bards, but he did well enough to earn some coin and curiosity. More than good enough for his needs.

"Now Step was a bright child, full of wonder and curiosity, but I'll start his tale as many do… with how his curiosity got him in trouble…"

The crowds here were easy to impress. The ate up truths and lies about his home country with equal fervor. That was well enough. Too much truth would start rumors and eventually leave a trail that could be followed. However it was still nice to tell a story somewhat close to his own.

He continued the tale of how "Step and the Word of Water", but as a few familiar faces passed through the crowd he reflected on his recent journey beyond the wall.

He had arrived in this town weekend freedom in the undiscovered. Surely the Awakened could not find him somewhere they did not know about. The people here were odd and he still had not come up with a decent lie to cover his own talents. He could not pretend to know the majick of this land. He was no Wu Jen with their arcane mysteries. Perhaps he could avoid using his talents. That would be for the best…



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