Tales of Shore Blossom

Shooting Lessons

Ramshackle and Odiri making a ruckus

"Lady's grace, Odiri, park your ears and raise the flag 'ave I got a nobby top-shelf bangup barking iron chant for you," Frivolity exclaimed excitedly at the halfling proffering a black powder pistol pommel first to the ranger. 

"What is it?" Odiri queried quizzically. 

"That codger Kenten made 'em. Barking irons shoot metal shot or sometimes stone instead of arrows. Thought you could do with a bit of shine and polish now that we've got some jink, it'd be unlucky not to garnish you up seeing as your our tout."

"WHAT?" she interjected.

"Oi, don't mind my pucker nattering, blood. Its a, how you say bangup barking iron gunne. All fire and brimstone. If you know what I mean. We can be twins now, you see, me and you practically sisters of the gunne. 'cept for me being a Ramshackle and you not."

"Ooo an iron gunne," Odiri said excitedly "…wait did you say sisters?".

"Oh, um my common trade cant is a bit different than yours is all," Ramshackle lied 
[OOC rolled a 13 on that deception check]. "Now Odiri, the barking iron has three parts: the lock, the alley or the barrel, and the pan. Watch how I afix the flint rock to the lock so that the spring chips it against the frizzen and makes a spark," Ramshackle demonstrates.

"Wait Frivolity, I thought you said it only had three parts?" 

"Well the frizzen is the other third of the lock, you see. Rule of three. Now look at the alley will you? Its this pipe where we gently load the shot. Before you load the shot, you'll want to swaddle it with a scrap of rag. Wrap the shot three times to be sure as Sigil. Once your shot is clothed liked a begger, take your dagger, and drive it down the alley until you feel it grind against the dead end. Here you try" Ramshackle says offering the pistol to Odiri again.

Odiri takes one of the cloth wrapped lead balls and pushes it against the alley mouth with her thumb and forefinger, her other three fingers lightly grasping the pistol while she lines her blade up to ram the ball down the alley. 

"Good. Now let the lock spring shut and sparks fly!" Ramshackle calls out. 

SNAP the lock closes spraying sparks as Odiri tries to fire off a shot. "Nothing happened?"

"Yes, because we haven't filled the pan with powder," Ramshackle explains with a smile. 



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