Explorer from the Far West


Height: 5’10"
Weight: 150 lbs
Skin Color: Tan
Hair: Dyed Blue / Green (Naturally Brown)
Eyes: Blue-Green

Attire: Mr. Sempur’s garb is fairly plain, bordering on cheap, and sticks to fairly natural colors in brown or grey. He wears no jewelry and doesn’t seem to carry much wealth.

Studded Leather Armor
Dagger (x2)
Light Crossbow, Bolts (x20)
Backpack with adventuring gear


An odd man who uses a name that is fairly obviously an alias. He described himself as a linguist, historian, and a trap-smith.

He is a man of flexible talents and has shown himself to be at least passingly capable with “magic”, though he rarely uses overt displays of power unless the circumstances are dire. His basic “magic” is passingly similar in strength to cantrips of spell casters, but he has a less diverse selection.
— Syd, Soveliss, and Elura once witnessed him teleport while they were half awake, but an ambush of Weretigers put off any questions about it.

Beyond his cover as a “rogue” or “bard” he is a Mystic of the Nomad tradition from the Country of Asoka. He fled his home country seeking the freedom of uncharted lands.

Mr. Sempur is very knowledgable about past events and often comes up with helpful information and lessons when his allies face struggles. Unfortunately he does not have a good grasp on the limitations or capabilities of Arcane or Divine magic and is often wary of their use in his presence.


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